Boundless was born from the belief that people should have the freedom to shape their work lives without forfeiting their right to secure employment.

We started by looking for ways to offer compliance across borders. It’s what our founders had all struggled with in previous teams, but along the way, we figured that this is about so much more than ticking compliance boxes and not getting in trouble. We have since been raising the bar of what great remote employment looks like. For each new country where we establish our employment & payroll infrastructure and build internal expertise, we try to set the gold standard of remote employment. Together we are commanding a rallying call to companies that are changing the way work works.

We’re focused on filling the Boundless team with people who ‘get it’. People who care. People who have experience working themselves remotely or who have tried to solve this problem before. People who enjoy the quality of life that remote working offers, and want to help others do the same.


For this Senior Content Writer position, we are offering a Base Salary of €65,000 and whilst this position is remote, we are looking for the individual to be based in a European time zone.


We are looking for a Senior Content Writer who has the ambition to be one of the first hires in their field at Boundless. This is an opportunity to join a marketing engine that is built on thought leadership, which is held in very high regard. The production of content was the baseline for our team when we first hired into our marketing team. We want to continue that work and this is a great opportunity for someone to make a big difference in an organisation that believes in producing the best possible content and raising the bar as much in global employment as well as creating content about it.

As our Senior Content Writer, you will be responsible for:

  • The maintenance of the Boundless Blog! You will be formulating new content, discovering what we should be writing about, and crafting it by talking to all the subject matter experts we have on the team. You can see the role as something of an “Inhouse Journalist”
  • Creation of useful ebooks, whitepapers, case studies and other written materials we can share with our audience.
  • Email marketing copy – Email is a big way we communicate with our existing and potential customers and we believe in the art of a good insightful email that gives more than it takes
  • Management of our Social Media channels, which we use to amplify what we write about
  • Coverage of any other areas that you feel will level up our content efforts! This can include material creation of QA sessions with our Founders or wider team. We will give you the freedom to be creative and take action


You will be a great fit if you have:

  • Excellent writing capabilities and ability to get complex ideas across in a simple and straightforward way. You can captivate readers, quickly
  • Great communication skills: A natural people person, who is not afraid to start a conversation with new people and ask the right questions
  • 5+ years experience in a similar role, preferably for a B2B organisation
  • An understanding of creating content with SEO in mind
  • Experience creating long-form content that aims to help and educate
  • Experience working in a startup environment or a fast-paced media room Thoughtfulness in the content you write and a quality-over-quantity mindset
  • Ambition! Someone who wants to be part of an early scaling team and be excited at the prospect of an accelerated career path


Not essential, but a bonus if you have any of the following:

  • Experience with both WordPress and Hubspot
  • Experience working for a HR oriented technology company


Note: If you feel you don’t have the whole experience that we’re looking for but feel you could be a fit, and are willing to learn, do apply anyway! We are trying to build a diverse and inclusive team.


At Boundless, we want our work to fit our lifestyles. We don’t believe in counting hours and we want everyone to focus on goals and achievements instead. We know that everyone has different needs when it comes to how they work, when they’re most productive, and how they manage their life. We’re all responsible adults, and we trust each other.

  • Boundless is a remote-first team. That means that you can work remotely from any of these countries that Boundless supports in Europe (We ‘eat our own dog food’!), and you will enjoy the security of having full, compliant employment through our platform.
  • Everyone on the team is entitled to 41 paid days off per year (including public holidays, 4 company days off, and birthday leave). Your well-being is a high priority. You are encouraged to use this allowance and have a proper break to recharge your batteries!
  • We work a standard 8-hour day but operate core hours from 11.00-15.00 Dublin time, where you are expected to be contactable – leaving you to fit in the remaining 4 hours whenever works best for you.
  • Location Flexibility – We employ people all over the world, and you’re free to work from any of the countries here Boundless supports employment.
  • WFH/Co-work Stipends – We contribute to the costs of home-working or will provide you with a budget so that you work from a co-working space if you prefer not to work from home.
  • Generous Equipment/Hardware Budget – We’ll ensure you have the right tools and equipment to do your best work.


ESOPs & Industry Benchmarked Salary 

  • Our employees having a stake in what they are building is important to us, hence we award ESOPs as part of our offer when employees join Boundless.
  • We benchmark our salaries to the industry standard for tech startups and we believe in offering a fair salary which not only reflects your value at your level of experience in your field but also your value to us


Career Progression, Learning & Development

  • We’re always looking to reward good performance and see people progress through the organisation as we grow.
  • Annual Budget to attend events, meet-ups, and conferences – You’ll be encouraged to build a network and develop your career.
  • Monthly online team socials & quarterly international in-person team retreats – Opportunities to get to know your colleagues


Other Benefits

  • A set benefit allowance to spend on benefits of your choice
  • Employee Assistance Program – Your emotional well-being is important. We’ll provide you with paid-for access to mental health support.


Boundless is an Equal Opportunities Employer

We’re committed to building a diverse team. Quality comes from having different perspectives, and ensuring that we work with an interesting bunch of people with different ways of thinking requires diversity. We’re conscious that, while Diversity & Inclusion are often spoken about like they’re one thing, they are two different areas that need to be nurtured. There’s little point in building a diverse team if that diverse group of people don’t all have a voice. When we’re working collaboratively, we all must take responsibility for looking around the room and ensuring that ALL voices have an opportunity to be heard.